Elevator Pitch

Elevator Pitch

Let me tell you very briefly about what a great project aQuality is. It’s a device that produces and sells the highest quality mineral water similar to the most famous mineral water springs on Earth. We produce water with a mineral composition like the springs in the Polish mountains, or like the springs in Okinawa and many others. Water rich in valuable minerals! Thanks to the aQuality device, it is no longer necessary to transport or store bottles with mineral water; reducing selling costs and environmental pollution! The customer fills his own bottle from the aQuality device. No plastic waste!

MONIKA PRUS co-founder

Our technology it’s not only an eye-catching and technologically advanced machine but first class technology which allows us to extract minerals from rocks or springs and diffuse them into our aQuality devices. As a result, the mineral water from the aQuality machine can have the same composition as the water from the stream. Imagine what kind of opportunity there is here! Instead of delivering bottled water you have to deliver only minerals to our aQuality devices. Five liters of our minerals produces at least 1400 liters of mineral water from aQuality device ! Less plastic waste from discarded bottles. Less transport. Less weight. More profit! Better for the environment !

ANDRZEJ PRUS ceo / co-founder

To make our market entry as safe as possible for our investors, we have a proprietary machine shape in the EU and logos.We have obtained a registered patent for this machine in Poland for both its appearance and functionality. aQuality is not just an idea.We have constructed the model, tested it on the market, and now we are ready for serial production and launch. SaaS, IT, IoT technologies make our business model really profitable and expenses like maintenance service really cheap !

aQuality devices are a new way to deliver not only mineral water but all soft drinks as well!